Ladypool Speaks CD
Kab Aaoge Tum
Inspired by the stories of people moving to UK for a better life but leave loved ones behind. The family left back home, await their return, “When will you return, my beloved?”
Vocal - Sanchita Pal
Sarangi - Mohammad Nasir
Tabla - Yogesh Gangani

Choti Si Umar
In particular cultures child marriage still continues even today as a daughter is considered a burden upon the family. We heard about some women who were married in their early teens and now offer a positive way of life for their own daughters. In this song the girl asks her father “You are marrying me off so soon, what did I do so wrong?”
Vocal - Suhail Yusuf Khan
Sarangi - Suhail Yusuf Khan
Persussion - Sarvar Sabri

Kahe Ko Biyahi Bides
Several of the stories reveal how women were married into families based far away from their maiden homes. Some moved from India and Pakistan to the UK and others from liberal home life to traditional family set ups.
Vocal - Shoma Dey
Vocal - Vandana Mukesh
Harmonium - Shoma Dey
Tabla - Pulkit Sharma
Dholak - Mukesh Sharma

On The Inside
The poem is homage to all the women who continue to inspire with their courage and strength.
Poem recitation by Satveer Pnaiser

Kaise Jaoon Main
This composition signifies the yearning of homeland and family. Some interviewees expressed how they came to UK with a hope that one day they shall return to their native lands and share their achievements with their families. They still are waiting for that day.
Vocal - Samiullah Khan
Sarangi - Mohammad Nasir
Tabla - Yogesh Gangani

Mori Gulabi Chunariya
The woman describes the many difficulties living in a joint family set up and particularly serving the commands of the mother-in-law and sister-in-law.
Vocal - Vandana Mukesh
Tabla - Pulkit Sharma
Harmonium - Divya Sharma

Main Aap Apni
The rendition sums up the focus and determination of all the women we interviewed. “I am in search of my own destiny. A life without purpose will not inspire me”.
Qawwali - Nawaz Sabri Qawwal & Group

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