Sonia Sabri Company is one of UK’s foremost South Asian arts companies that presents an array work of exceptional quality, with meaning and depth, touring nationally and internationally.

The company specializes in the art of Kathak, which means ‘the one who tells a story’. Kathak includes the use of spoken word, rhyme, movement, gesture, music, rhythm, and draws inspiration from the human experience and its environment. Alongside creating and touring productions across the globe, Sonia Sabri Company empowers people to share their personal experiences and then translates them into an artistic expression for others to learn and become inspired by.

Our work in the arts has many tentacles that reach out to our audience and the community. We create and tour high quality productions and provide bespoke learning and participation activities for all ages and abilities as well as arts students in higher and further education. Our community-based projects include work with local urban environments with diverse groups through to rural villages; with libraries, youth groups, schools and within informal settings.

We believe art has the power to transform lives. Our aim is to empower the community to make sense of their existence and the world around them, using the tools of imagination and creativity to leap forward and present a voice for the people, so everyone involved can stand a head taller than themselves in every day life.

Sonia Sabri Company, 202 Moseley Street, Birmingham B12 0RT UK